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American Dad Drinking Game

Spent literally 5 minutes googling looking for an American Dad Drinking game but failed to actually find one so we made our own.

You must drink every time…

Roger says something gay
Roger is in a different costume
Stan says “liberal”
Stan abuses liberalism
Stan goes too far
Steve goes for/mentions boob
Stan abuses his power
Stan pulls a gun out
Hayley is bald
Stan mentions republican politics
Francine is belittled
Steve acts like a dick infront of a girl
Someone is kidnapped
Klaus is on the screen
Roger drinks the drink he’s holding

Player additions:
Steve’s asian friend speaks
Patrick Stewart is in the scene


9 Responses to “American Dad Drinking Game”

  1. We know that you’re smarter than us, but we still want to be your friend. Thank you for making this.

  2. i thought i was good at making this show a game…then i saw your website and knew it!!!

  3. Thank You!!!!

  4. You all sound incredibly drunk, im glad!

  5. Playing with roommates and we came up with all the same ones but added a few more!
    new additions?
    -Steve’s asian friend speaks
    -Patrick Stewart is in the scene

  6. Another addition that we made up is when Stan tells Steve’s fat friend he hates him

  7. another addition for the newer seasons, any time rodger is a selfish dick or any time principal lewis says something about drugs

  8. at our house we make it a marathon. Each person pick a character, and follows the characters rules.

  9. brilliant!

    Additions we added when playing;

    Might seem obvious but everytime there is a flashback/cutaway scene

    Hayley mentions being Liberal/Politics

    Roger appears in a different wig.

    Reference to a celebrity/ event

    Mention of “terrorism”

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